ART tool paint weighting problem

So I have been using Unreal’s ART tool kit for a project and it has been very good. My problem is when is comes to the weighting. When I was ready to create the rig on this character I noticed that some influences remained on the mesh that I knew I had dealt with. So I returned to weighting to fix it but the same results followed. I have tried locking down the joints that seem to have been affected but this this has not worked. I am pretty stumped.
Here is a video as you can see the neck moves with the head causing spikes. this is also happening with the leg once moving the hand. Thank you.

I have problems likes this in the fingers of my characteres.

In other parts of my human bodys i click in “Show vertext influences” and Replace to 0 where i not want that influence and works fine.
But in the fingers i remove the influences and seems appears again. annoying.

ART doesn’t have it’s own weight painting system, it just has Maya’s GUI built into the window. I’d recommend looking up some basic Maya skinning tutorials.