ART tool Can not progress due to grayed out button

Hi, I’m using MAYA 2017 ART toolkit. I’m currently stuck in creaking Skin Weight. I can not progress due to Deformation setup(and other tools too) is grayed out and can not press those button.I even reopened maya thinking that it was some kind of glitch but it was still grayed out. these buttons grayed out when I pressed “Save Rig Pose”. Did I do something wrong? How do I get to next step “Skin Weight”?

Thank you

While this post is a bit old I came across the same problem and found a solution.

At the top select A.R.T.1.0 and then select Character Rig Creator.
It should recognize the Character Rig you have already started and the Skeleton Creation and Deformation Setup buttons should work again.

Hope this helps.