Art Style: Realistic, Cartoon, Anime, Voxel (Blocky)

Hi everyone. Seeking advice/opinions on what Art Style you think Players prefer. I’m creating Voxel-look (ala Minecraft) assets for prototyping as they’re relatively easy for me as a novice 3d artist. I’ve considered applying PBR materials to extend them to production-level for a particular arcade game demo. But there is a internal conflict. What I visualize for my games in mind’s eye is a realistic art style, unfortunately beyond my current skill. I have yet to play a game using the Voxel-look art style. For me, the blocky-look is great for prototyping, but, just doesn’t offer enough distinct *shape *for the games I want I to produce. I don’t want my own prejudices for Voxel art style to blind me from seeing a great opportunity here.

Please vote and give your opinions. Thanks for your time.