ART setup problem for Maya 2015 Student Version

Hey Fellas,

I’ve been trying for hours today to setup the ART Mayatools in Maya to use Unreal’s rigging engine and attempt to rig my character that way. I have the 2015 maya student version and put the file in my root folder scripts folder. Am i doing something wrong? Will it not work correctly? Has anyone else done this?

Thank you,


Is it a human like skeleton? Then i warmly suggest not to use unreal skeleton techniques.
This is a secret trick so dont tell anyone ok?


Thanks Kanizitas,

Unfortunately Mixamo was bought out by Adobe and is now Adobe Fuse. They don’t have a full version of it up and running yet, but only a preview through photoshop.


Sorry bro, I guess I was wrong, I was able to take a character into their since i had an adobe account. Am new to mixamo but it seems awesome so far.
will check it out. Downloading Fuse now!!!