ART rig

Hi can anyone help me with how I can use the ART rig in 4:17, I cant seem to see an option to download 4:16 on the epic site and the ART rig isn’t compatible with 4:17 apparently. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Sal

ARTv1 is a rigging and animation toolset for use only within Autodesk Maya; Unreal Engine version doesn’t matter. ARTv1 doesn’t work with Maya LT unfortunately because LT version cannot accept 3rd party scripts. You can get the 4.16 version of ARTv1 from the marketplace, and follow the instructions provided here to install it (requires existing Maya installation):

ARTv2 is not yet completed but also available to try out thru the github link within this blog: DevBlog — Jeremy Ernst

Here is the support page that the gentlemen created before he left epic games which contains plenty of info:

I just recommend using ARTv1 in Maya because it makes character skeleton creation a breeze and all the animations you create this way are automatically compatible with the default ue4 skeleton without needing to retarget stuff and use multiple skeletons. Then you would have just one “master skeleton” for all the biped characters in your project if possible; hence you can create child classes of a master character, each containing different meshes/stats/animations.

When you export the animations from Maya you can even just export skeleton+anim only(no mesh), import anim fbx into ue4, and just choose the default ue4 mannequin skeleton on import options. I hope this helped or somewhat made sense,