ART: offset_anim control

I’m making a ledge grab animation, but I want to have the hanging part of the animation start from the root, such that if I snap the character to the edge’s location, the character will hang correctly, regardless of character dimensions. Feel free to tell me that’s an awful idea or just wrong.

Purpose aside, I need to offset the character from the root. I assumed that’s the purpose of the offset_anim control, but I wanted to double check before I went through and did it. Is this correct or is there a different control I should be using? I checked the documentation, but it didn’t really expand on the purpose.

I suppose what I’m asking is:

If I move the entire rig below the root in the animation scene via the offset_anim control, will this cause anything weird to happen later on?
I’ve since decided it might be better to instead go with IK on the animation instead, but this would still be useful to know.