Art of Shader - Stylized Post Process Pack

Version 3.0 released, with a new Blendable material - OilFlow, a variation of OilPaint. (UE 4.27)

Version 2.0 released, with five new Blendable materials - Zombify, ScreenSpaceDisplacement, PixelShuffle, DisplacedCell, and Warp.

Art of Shader - Stylized Post Process Pack is now released in the marketplace. And you can find it in the below link :…t-process-pack

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[Art Of Shader

Art of Shader - Stylized Post Process - YouTube]


  • 32 Stylized Post Process Blendable Materials, divided into 24 MainShaders and 8 SceneShaders
  • AOS Blueprint Actor for easily combining and grouping multiple Blendable Materials based on common properties
  • Localization allows you to apply the shaders only to certain objects, or exclude certain objects from given effects, via custom depth stencils
  • ScreenSpace Localization lets you split the screen based on user defined shape and size, and apply multiple Blendable Materials simultaneously at different parts of the screen.
  • Separate out the MainObjects placed in the environment from the Background via SceneDepth. Apply different shader combination simultaneously to your main environment and background scene.
  • AOSRuntime Blueprints and Widgets, including Dynamic UMG Based Color Wheel allows you to tweak and modify the post process materials at runtime.

Number of Blueprints: 4 + 2 Tutorial Blueprints
Number of Materials: 32
Number of Material Instances: 36
Number of UMG Widgets: 8

List of all Effects included in this pack

  1. Aquarelle
  2. Basic Cel Shading
  3. BillBoard
  4. ChalkBoard
  5. Circly
  6. Colored Pencil
  7. Comic Book
  8. CrossStitch
  9. Dithered Toon
  10. Edge Detect
  11. FourBitPalette
  12. Frosted Glass
  13. Glossy Wax
  14. Glowing Edge
  15. HandPainted Art
  16. Hexagon
  17. Kuwahara
  18. NPalette
  19. Oil Paint
  20. Painted Kuwahara
  21. Pencil
  22. Simple Dithering
  23. ToonShade
  24. WaterColor
  25. Blur
  26. Caustics
  27. Gradient
  28. GridWrap
  29. LineShader
  30. Mirror
  31. Paper
  32. TriangleGrid
  33. PixelShuffle
  34. DisplacedCell
  35. Warp
  36. Zombify
  37. ScreenSpaceDisplacement

Download the Playable Demo to test out the functionalities and all the effects in realtime.

Demonstrating Screen Space Localized Post Process Materials via Polygonal Shape, Effect displayed is PencilSketch

The effects preview videos for individual shaders have been added in my website, in the below link:…zedpostprocess

You can also download the Playable Demo to watch every shader in action.

New Shader Preview video published.

Version 3.0 ( UE 4.27)

Introducing OilFlow Shader, a variation of OIlPaint.