Art of Shader - Stylized Post Process Pack

Hey Guys,

Have been working on my Stylized Post Process Shader Pack for quite a while now, intended for the Unreal Marketplace, and created about 25 shaders so far, each having tweakable Material Parameters for desired customization, and using the Blueprint System, you can easily blend multiple shaders in the same environment.

Localized Post Processing would allow you to use Custom Depth Stencil to apply your shader to specific objects. You can also separate out the Foreground shader with the Background Scene Shader, ie, you can have a **ComicBook **Shader applied over your main objects, while your background sky and atmosphere can have a **EdgeDetect **Shader applied.

Introducing Comic Book Shader




This video also demonstrates Localization, where you can have a given shader apply only on certain objects, and you can also separate out Shaders applied to your main objects from background Shaders applied to Sky and Atmosphere.

**PencilSketch Shader. **




The video demonstrates a little playthrough as well as Material Instance parameters that can be used to tweak the Shader to give your scene a unique customized look.

Introducing Aquarelle Shader. Aqaurelle is a form of Painting Style resembling WaterColor, with thin and transparent layers. This one was extremely challenging to recreate in Unreal. I tried to add a blend with Gradient based Quantisized WaterColor and PencilSketch, with some Vignette and RandomNoise Layers for Variation.



The video demonstrates Material Instancing and how to tweak the parameters to give a unique look and style for your game, and a small playthrough at the end. Localized post processing is supported in my pack , which means you can apply the shader either to entire scene, or to certain objects, via custom depth stencil. You can also exclude the background sky atmosphere from the effect of the shader, or apply a different shader to the sky altogether.

Introducing Oil Paint Shader,