Art Lounge

Working on art lounge project. Something like art installation you would see in museums. Planning to add sound and visuals tweaks to make the experience even better. Gonna throw in some artistic assets somewhere along the way too. Maybe will add storyline and text elements mixed with a bit of horror elements. It won’t be like typical game, but more like walking simulator and visual experience.



Hey again @iamthebanana,

This is such a creative way to show off a gallery. Is there any chance that we could get an interactive gallery so we can zoom in on each photo?

As a banana fan, I must be able to gaze at your beautifully twisted creations.
Once again, thanks so much for sharing your art with us and helping to make the unreal forums a more attractive community. Can’t wait to see more friend :slight_smile:

I tried to pack project to exe, but it took forever. Never done it before so I don’t know how long you have to wait.
I will add a bit more artwork and then release it.

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What lies beneath The Truth?

Poster for gallery, cover art.
This might blend together with horror game that I’m working on too. Style is not defined yet, but it’s a mix between colors, black and white, blur effect and meaning behind it - how it affects the things we see both in real life and in art.

What we see can get twisted and scare us, it can also melt all together and vice versa. It’s a story about how we can find ghosts in pictures, how they or something communicates with us subconsciously. It’s twisted and sometimes it’s hard to put it into words, but I’m getting closer. Yet I’m still far away, atleast it feels like that everytime I think I’m done. It never ends, always looking for answers. Lost and Found in The Journey.

That’s poetry and mix of fiction and reality altogether.