ART-like tool for MODO Indie

Hello, ART for Maya seems awezome, but I cannot afford $200+ /month subscripion for Maya so a ART-like tool for MODO Indie would be awezome. Animation and rigging is never easy but it would be handy with a animation and rigging tool or some prefab-setup for MODO that matches UE4`s rigging settings.

What rigging settings do you you mean? As long you export the animations to FBX Unreal will import it just fine. If you need the default character rig that is in the demo projects you can use export button in the animation sequence.

Edit: I did not know about the ART tool for Maya I use 3Ds Max and I use just normal IK handles and it works fine for me.

I mean, with ART one can set up a easy rig based on a basic human (or humanoid) mesh if one dont want to use the original character that comes with UE4 and work out from there right inside ART it-self :slight_smile: Heres whats it looks like:

[video][/video] (Check out 0:40 sharp)

Did a request post in The Foundery forums too:

I see now that scripting is disabled in the indie version. Dang these indie limits :eek:

I never used blender but hey its free :slight_smile: so you can try this plugin.

Rigify Tutorial:

My advice if you go the blender route would be to skip riggify or peachy poy rigs?

Get this ->

The dev is currently adding Unity support and possibly will add Unreal 4 support for rigs. :slight_smile:

Yes, Im considering to migrate to Blender to get rid of the indie barricades.