Art learning channel

Hi everyone,

I’m and I am an artist living in writing a journey on how my life changes while practicing art every day :slight_smile:

I just started making these videos to try to share my knowledge on Game Dev. Specifically to art related topics!

Like everything is very small at first, but i want to keep growing it and of course nothing makes me more happy than knowing that it helped someone else. I have the confidence that in some years the content will be very valuable with your help.

With that said, i will leave you with the Youtube Channel and I will keep updating it frequently. So if there is any suggestion just let me know! Or perhaps if there is any topic you want me to cover I can do that too :slight_smile:

Youtube Channel](

I just made a video on how to use the modeling and sculpting features in the new version of Unreal 4.24

Sup maomao. I’ll give it a try for sure. :slight_smile: