ART Issues.

When I try to publish a character, It’ll get to 80% and open a new scene and just sit there with the Publish Character window open. No progression. No Rig or model. I can click Build or Cancel while its stilling at 80%. Build would overwrite anything I had done and Cancel would simply close the window and leave me with an empty scene.

Any Ideas? I’m also having issues with the proxy skinning, but we can deal with that after I can actually get the plugin to work correctly.

I also get an error “occasionally” that saids

Yet I can’t save because of this window being open.

Hey TheOneWolf,

Thank you for the information on the issue that you has been occurring. If you haven’t already, could you post this in our AnswerHub here. This site will be a better location for other users to help you figure out why this error is showing up.

Thanks and have a great day!

Yep, I have already posted there as well.

I seem to have found the issue. I had 2 Dynamic Chains at 1 bone each, was intending to use these as dynamic pants or shirt parts,that were on the thigh bone. When I built the proxy rig, they were located at the hips so I moved them into place manually.

But once I removed them completely from the proxy rig, the Rig Built with no issues. So is there something I am doing wrong with the naming or placing, which I used “ThighCloth_l and ThighCloth_r” and used the default suffix settings, that would have caused this or is it something with the Dynamic chain?

having at least 2 bones for the Dynamic chain seems to be the key. A minimum of 1 causes it to stale at 80%