[ART INSTALLATION] Criticism of Coca-Cola


Im a mediadesign student from Germany. My final project of my studies was an art installation made with Unreal and Arduino.
The topic of my installation was “Criticism of Coca-Cola” based on the Book “Belching Out the Devil: Global Adventures with Coca-Cola” and the Movie “The Coca Cola Case”.

The installation has four products (Coca, Fanta, Sprite, Mezzo Mix) all owned by the Coca Cola company. You could but a bottle into the glass case to reveal a shocking story behind the company Coca Cola. The story was told by a sound recording and a hologram animation.
The bottles have a RFID tracker underneath and there ist a hidden sensor under the glass case. The hologram is a reflection on the glas from the monitor below.

Have fun watching the case video. And thanks for this really powerful free engine :slight_smile:

This is really cool, not enough art is used as criticism of corporations like Coca Cola.

But the music is waaaayyy too hipster and doesn’t fit the serious message at all. It would be better to take some dark drone music, or no music at all.

Thanks :slight_smile: New version is up :slight_smile: