Art for programmers, a question that may or may not be nullified by the first comment.

I’ve just recently become confident in my abilities to create and polish a game, I’m not expecting it to be perfect, but I want it to at least look good from an art standpoint. I don’t have any equipment to draw with but have become comfortable with the mouse from a while back when I started redrawing some logos in MS Paint, this is the extent of my art experience. I’m looking to draw some basic sprites for:

  1. A character
  2. At least 4 enemies
  3. A background
  4. A scene/physical objects
  5. Projectiles/Weapons
  6. GUI

This is not a complete list but it’s what I want to start with. I’m looking for a program that would be good for both a low-poly style and a 32x32 pixel art style. Also, I could use a few tips on how to import, keep track of, create, and organize animations for these sprites/assets.

The game I’m going to create will be in the pixel art style in 2d, the next game I want to make will be a recreation in a multidimensional platformer low-poly version of the pixel art game. The style will be somewhat medieval/the start of the Renaissance.

If this is not descriptive enough please feel free to ask for more details or information about my project. Any help is always appreciated.