ART for MayaLT

Hi all, please vote this up, so maybe they enable ART for MayaLT users.

Would love to see ART for MayaLT… the link you posted is for Maya feedback…

For Maya LT, the issue is that ART is written in Python.

Maya LT needs to support Python

Yes, I saw that after I posted. Maybe it get even more attention then :stuck_out_tongue: LT supports MEL, so maybe a MEL port of ART could be done. I have no experience, what so ever with scripting so Im not the person to ask when it comes to this. I really hope we get ART in LT.

Depending on what ART needs, it might not be possible. MEL can’t load external packages like Python can, so unless your script is self contained to Maya you need to use Python. It’s also quite a bit of work, it would need to be done from scratch.

You’re probably going to have better results asking Autodesk to add Python support to MayaLT.

So thats where the barrier is. Yes, maybe they could add a limited support for Phyton or offer a Maya Pro version which have been mentioned before.