Art discussion approach on making modular roof pieces

Hey Everyone, not sure where I wanted to put this but I feel this might be the right area. I was wondering if there are any artist around who can share their possible workflows when it comes to making modular pieces, specifically roof pieces in general. I’m still trying to figure out what approach would yield the best results and make the houses look great vs flat or boring. I’m just trying to find the best approach possibly with more quality to it. Any tips or tricks will help.

Here is more information on the setting and need for this:

-Art direction is stylized/anime-ish
-Working on a 3rd person action game in ue4 where the camera sits behind the character.
-The player might be able to go on some of the rooftops but I’m not too sure on this yet.
-The roof pieces will be a part of a modular kit that includes walls, wood pieces, ect. All of these will hopefully be on one 4k texture unless someone has maybe a more simple but optimal solution.
-The roof pieces will only have two color variations(gonna reuse the same models and map them on same texture)
-The houses that will be built with this modular set will only be for maybe one map. The map is just a hub town where many players may be at. I’m still not sure if I’ll do online or just a single player game but both options are setup already. The town will be fairly big but not as big as say a game like Genshin impacts city.

My Questions:
-Is it better to make the roof via textures using substance designer or to Sculpt each piece individually and set everything up?(I want to have single shingle pieces to place around on roof)
-Would you recommend to save on draw calls to keep everything on one map or perhaps make the roof pieces share one texture but its different from the other pieces from the set?

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