Art director seeking BLUEPRINT SPECIALIST ( many other contract positions to come )


[PAID] title: TBD ( Horror Game )

: fixed price, 3 to 6 month contracts

: individuals looking to pay-per-asset.

Hello there, We our back and ready for the next stage of our development and will have various contracts available in the months to come.
We our currently in need of an environment artist.
As i work mutiple positions both teaching and game production Im
currently looking to contract out an assistant enviornment modeler on a 3 to possible 6 month contract basis.

NDA signing will be manditory for all approved candidates.

Talent Required:
Blueprint Specialist.
Ability to creating moduler event systems.
Skills in Post process material creation.
Skills creating blueprint communication systems.
AI experience is a bonus.

there will be many other contracting positions opening up later on but as of now were looking to fill the environment artist position.
Looking for an artist able to match my art style as well

Skype: robert.b31

This position is still open for applicants.

Your title is rather confusing.

You ask for a Blueprint Specialist yet in your post your actually looking for an environment artist, with BP experience?

It might help to make your title more clear or at least keep your post content consistent.

Yeah i’m a bit confused, wouldn’t post process material creation be a texture artist? I’m sure that isn’t too hard, but sounds more like you want a Environment Artist Specialist. Also can you clarify on blueprint communication systems? I’m thinking of a few different things on this. I may know someone that fits the bill on this, but I don’t know if your looking for a programmer/blueprinter or Environmental Artist.

As mentioned above I would say you would be best served by a group of specialists in the areas of materials, blueprints and texturing operating as a team rather than one person who has a bit of experience in all of the above. And if the costs can be comparable then why not right? Let’s connect on skype in the new year and I’d love to chat more about how we work in roles like this

sorry about the confusion everyone. I had sense contacted the moderators about potentially fusing/ changing the title/making it editable for our future contracts.

As to the suggestion of team vs individual, we already have a team and our in the prototyping faze, so our needs our rather specific at the moment. thanks for your suggestions though.

This position has been filled but we will reach out again with new contracts soon. Thanks for everyone who reached out.