ART - Default limb joint placement rotations should be 0, 0, 0

Hi guys,

As rigging is my primary occupation I can easily see that ART is very well made, however one thing stands out to me.

When I entered Placement Mode the controls it gave me to position the joints had some default assumptions as to the rotations made. Joint Mover Tools -> Auto World Space(Rig Pose) sets the rotation on the ankles back to 0.

However, the legs arms and in particular the thumb/fingers have floating point rotations. If you can’t calculate the way to fit them to the mesh in a way that’s actually usable please leave the rotations at 0, 0, 0.

The point is a streamlined and efficient way to get your rigged characters into the engine, right? Unless by some miracle those rotations actually fit my mesh it will be quicker to zero them all out then re-position them rather than working from their floating point defaults, which means having them zero’d to begin with is much more efficient.

The parent nodes also have similar rotation values and changing them breaks symmetry!



  • Ascii files currently give an error that you can only guess the cause of if you’re not using maya binary and it completely prevents progress to the next step. I forget where exactly it happens but it’s where you save an image of the character for thumbnail or w/e. I’m going to be very unhelpful and also mention I don’t have the error message saved, if it’s only specific to Maya 2013 (which I use) and you don’t have easy access to it I’ll spam the next step button until it pops up for you. The message gave no clue at all as to what the problem or resolution is, I just had to guess until it worked.

  • I was in symmetry mode while placing joints and the save/load template button was greyed out which is intentional, however when leaving symmetry it remained greyed out which is a bug, the fix is easy though - just click on one of the control selection buttons and it resets the activation. It’s just not enabling when it should and I’m not entirely sure what of the many things I was doing caused it to not become active after leaving symmetry. Minor bug.

Heya! I replied to this on the main thread here:

We can continue it there or here if you like! Either way just let me know!

I will reply in the dedicated thread, I posted this prior to knowing of it’s existence :slight_smile: