Art Assets? Location needed.

Ok so im working on a mod But im finding i cant seem to find any of the art assets i need, the folder with the art stuff seems to only have like 6 different things.
I cant find the assets I do need to find the original textures. I want to make sure any thing i make looks like the original, and doesnt look like some one droped objects that dont “Match” in to ark.

Are we talking about imported assets or reusing the ones from Ark?


I want my mod to “fit” in with the current look.
Best way to do that is to re-use assets and textures when crafting new objects

Ah - Ok. Then choose the GAME Top Folder, then in your search, just filter out Materials and/or Textures as you see fit.

Wait. i think we a missing a key component here.

I want to get them OUT of the editor.
There seems to be a lack of any real assets in the “Model And Animation Sources” folder.
A rex, a raptor, and a scorpion… plus weapons and people. do not have the any structure or crafting station components in need.

Where are the rest of the sources?

Ive seen some interesting mods that im pretty sure used them in part.

Im savvy enough to “recreate” models if needed but at the vary least i need to locate the texures to match up with uv maps.

This is starting to not feel like a mod kit, and more like a striped down testing program.
I already know nearly none of the code is exposed.

The thing that is by far the worst is the fact they gave us MA maya ascii files and did give us FBXs. litteraly no texture.
Im going to see if i can im port files form the ark dev kit to the unreal editor, then do some hocus pocus in c++ and force the editor to re-save out files on run time.

I don’t know what this model and animations source folder is you are referring to.

Find the base asset you want, double click it.
For example, search “Raptor” using the filter “skeletal mesh”
There will be a “Raptor” skeletal mesh, double click it
That will open the asset viewer for the Raptor, on the top right there are 3 tabs for skeleton assets
Theres a skeleton tab fpr the actual rig, a mesh tab for the mesh, and a animation tab for the animations (if you click the animation tab you can actually go through all the anims, which is kind of fun.)
Select the Mesh tab
On the left you will see all the LOD’s and their associated materials
In the LOD 0 section next to the material sphere theres a magnifying glass.
Click it. This will take you to the asset that is selected. This works for every asset in the game that has another asset linked to it. For example static meshes have materials linked to them which in turn have textures linked to them,
Clicking the magnifying glass will take you to the location of the material.
The location of the material happens to also be the location where the textures are stored, this isnt always the case.
If it isn’t the case, double click the material to bring up the editor
In the editor you will see a paramter groups section, with base color as a catagory
if you click it you can see what texture it uses for a baseColor.
This is specific to dinos, but is nearly the same for almost everything.
You can then select the texture in the content browser and right click>export.

Static Meshes are the same.
Just double click the mesh in the content browser, find LOD0 section. Click the mag. glass next to the mat. Dbl click the mat when it shows in the content browser, find where in the mat it references the texture and click the mag glass for that.
You can also just try searching for any texture with the same name as the object.

What specifically are you looking for?
I would be careful with exporting files from ark into the current UE editor. The import process can make the files incompatible with the current ARK dev kit (the ARK kit uses a older engine version.)

Yeah. Just a simple search in the main engine folder for anything you’re looking for - or ask one of us for something specific that might be hiding. (Sometimes they’re not named the same - like the Refrigerator. It has assets named that and Icebox)

Thank you for you help ill try that.

Just to let you know there is a folder “Model And Animation Sources” in the root of the ark dev kit, it contains rigged version of 3 dinos plus the male and female humans.
“Epic Games\ARKDevKit\Model And Animation Sources”

The Rex animation rig is actual really nice.

Oh, thanks. I wasn’t aware there was any source models. I’ll have to take a look!