ARShared World Player Controller Help

Hello, I’ve been following this tutorial series ( and I’m stuck at this part because the “Event OnPostLogin” New Player is not compatible with my Add Array.
“Player Controller Object Reference is not compatible with ARShared World Player Controller Object Reference (by ref).”
I realize that I am on version 4.22 while the tutorial was made on 4.11, but what might be the difference?

I’ve run into a similar issue with another blueprint saying that my blueprint “Lobby PC’ does not inherit from ‘ARShared World Player Controller’ (Cast to LobbyOC would always fail).”

I’m not planning on working in AR/VR in this project, so is there a reason why I have to use the AR player controller to begin with?
I’m quite new to Unreal and its blueprints. Any help and advice is appreciated. Thanks