Arrows not passing through water (I'm going insane)

Okay. I have arrows. They stick into things but of course they should not stick in water. They should go right through. Of course that is now driving me crazy.

Here’s what I’ve tried (using water plugin):

  1. Turning off all collision does do the trick BUT then my boat sinks.

  2. I tried setting up a custom collision channel that allows the arrow through. No luck.

  3. I’ve even experimented by turning all collision channels to “ignore” on the water and arrow but it still sticks unless I uncheck the “generate collision” box on the water. (which seems to be the only thing that has any effect.

  4. Have tried using the ignore actor when moving functions in blueprint.

What on earth am I missing or is this some kind of bug?

Hey there @BeefyViking! The water plugin makes a custom collision profile with some fun quirks and it works off of collision not overlap so it’s even weirder. An easy way to just check against any watervolume that will have it is just checking for that custom collision profile name here. It’ll apply to all water volumes so no need to think about it once you’ve applied this before any logic the arrow can stick into. It’s annoying to have to check this, but as you noticed it’s a bit of a problem trying to get them not to connect at all.

Hope this helps!


Could make sticking into a collision dependent on a gameplay tag being present on the object hit.

Oh my gosh. i never expected such a miraculous and easy answer. Thank you so much, this did the trick!

Oh it’s definitely not miraculous! It works, but if you ever can, collision profiles and custom collisions every time you can. If they never connect it’s better than having to process hits, check that tag, and ignore it.

That said because it’s on a projectile that is shot once then stuck once, it’s not a big deal. So it’s not running constantly, so it’s not gonna drag you down. But say if you have collision problems with something that is going to be colliding and sending events and iterating every single frame, you’ll want to go the route you did initially. The only reason it was blocked this time is because of the water plugin’s nature. Good luck with your project! Looks cool so far!


Thanks so much for the help and explanation. This solution alone has made it feel as though I’ve made progress today. You’re awesome!