Arrow GetForward Wrong Direction

Hello! I’ve started basic work on a 2D bullet-hell style game. I know that Unreal Engine isn’t designed for 2D development as much as Godot or Unity, but I find Blueprint to be way easier to interpret as a non-programmer, so the other two aren’t really options for me.

Anyways, I’ve come across a bit of an issue.

I’ve setup my bullet blueprint like this

And it works exactly as it should when spawned in to the world with the bullet following the forward direction where the arrow is pointing, even when rotated in the scene.

Then I setup the bullet spawner like this:

And this does not function as intended at all. The bullets still move in the correct direction that the bullet’s arrow component is pointing, but they spawn in facing the wrong direction, as is seen in the following screenshot:

I have tried a number of different things to try to fix this, but none of them seem to work. What is it that I’m doing wrong exactly, and what could I do to fix it?

I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but there’s a couple of things I’m wondering about:

  1. If you want the arrow to dictate the rotation of the bullet, it’s best to make the sprite a child of the arrow.

  2. Is it playing up because it’s a sprite? They like to face the camera etc…

  1. I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. The purpose of the arrow is to indicate which direction is “forward,” both for the bullet and the spawner. Regarding the bullet, the arrow is meant to point in the direction that the bullet should move when spawned, and this works as intended. Regarding the spawner, the arrow here is meant to indicate the direction that the bullet should be facing when spawned.
    Below is an image showing how the spawner should be working to hopefully paint a clearer picture:

As can hopefully be seen, the arrows are meant to be spawning in rotated in the direction that the spawner’s arrow is pointing, but as was shown in this image, this isn’t how it’s working:

  1. It might be, but I don’t know for certain, and I wouldn’t know how to fix the issue if it were. As can be seen in the viewports, the camera is setup to be facing the Orthographic “Right” Side, as this was the default camera and scene setup in the 2D sidescroller template, and is the default angle that the sprites face in the blueprint viewport.


  1. You should not inter-connect wires like that from separate events to same node. They might cause some weird issues sometimes.
  2. Why aren’t you setting spawn location along with rotation?

Try using world rotation of the pawn (that spaceship) instead of arrow component and see if it works.