Arrow component scale problem

At create a blueprint actor and in the Construction Script add a Add Arrow Component and then from the node of the Arrow set x scale don’t work, but if add later the Color Set to the arrow then apply the scale and the color.

Add a Scene component first before adding the Arrow Component. Now you can edit it’s scale, rotation and location.

The actor already have that and other components in the default BP.

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Would you mind providing me with some screenshots as well as some simple and clear steps to reproduce this in a new blank project?

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Add new Blueprint and then this nodes:

A. Test to no join the last node (color) an check the viewport.
B. Now check to join the color node with the other and check the results (now the arrow have the set scale)

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I was able to reproduce the issue you are reporting and have gone ahead and entered a bug report for the issue UE-15824. If you need further assistance or have additional questions please let us know.


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This problem is present in 4.16 even though UE-15824 was marked as resolved a while ago.

There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with Arrow Components, because I can’t get it to work even with a SetArrowColor node as suggested in the ticket. I’m able to spawn an arrow with the desired rotation and location using AddArrowComponent, but if I try to manipulate the component with SetArrowColor or SetArrowSize, it appears to work fine, but if I restart the editor, the values for these two properties have been reset back to their defaults. I need to recompile the Blueprint for it to assume its correct size and color; moving the Blueprint instance around in the world won’t make it happen.

I suppose I should point out that this happens even if the arrow component has been added to the Blueprint manually instead of through the construction script. In which case I don’t need to set the arrow size, so then the problem is only the color (those are the two properties I’m concerned with at the moment).

Still some scale problems with arrow component spawned in construction script in 5.1