Arrow collision doesn't work as should


I followed a tutorial to make a character shoot arrow (UE4 Creating the Arrow's Adjustable Velocity - YouTube) and everything works just fine except 1 small issue that i can’t solve. My arrow is falling towards the ground as should but when it hits the ground instead of just staying in place the arrow gets in horizontal position instead of being impaled into the ground.

The arrows hit the ground at the proper angle but they teleport at this position when they hit the ground. And i want them to stay at the same angle as when the hit the ground.

Anyone as an idea ? Thanks.

You have to check if the arrows are colliding with something they can impale. If they do turn off simulate physics.

Actually I ended up buying a pack on the market that handle it and have a lot of features related to archery and works perfectly fine and saving me a lot of time. Thanks for your answer