Arrow blueprint


I’m trying to create a simple annotation blueprint that draws a double-headed arrow between 2 points that I specify in the editor.

I have the basic setup all done - I have arrowheads attached to null objects that rotate and position themselves and a line that draws and scales itself between the two arrowheads.

This all works great in the blueprint itself. What I want to do is drag this BP into the editor and position the null objects there and have the arrow update. I also want to create multiple copies of this BP, each with their own null object position.

Please see the attached image for a better description.

Alternatively, if I’m entirely on the wrong track, I’m happy to take a completely different approach to achieving what I want.


The construction script is called each time a property of the blueprint is changed (like setting the actors of you arrow). So you can check actors from here and update your arrow position from here.
However, if the actors are moved, I don’t think you can know it (not sure if there is any event to bind for it…).

get transform from the null object and apply it to the arrow heads on event tick

Hope this helps.