ArraySize Limit

I want to start off by saying since swapping to UE4 from another engine I am loving it. Top work.
But I have noticed some things that need fixing.

The quick version of what I am about to say is you guys need to increase the size limit of arrays from 1,024.

How I came to this;
I was working on making a rain and weather system for my game. I can’t use collision to cull rain indoors because its a survival game and buildings get created at run time. The collision cull feature relies on distance field meshes. Which does not get generated for objects created at run time. (This also needs fixing, or at least a way for the programmer to request a distance field mesh be generated).

So the method I am using is material driven and the material will cull when existing in the same space as my cull boxes. This requires storing the physical co-ordinates of each box in an array to be used by the material.

The issue with the current size limit of arrays is that now I am limited to a mere 512 places in my game that rain can’t exist.

Adding the ability to generate distance meshes might take a bit of time for you guys to code up. But please increase the size limit of arrays because this would be super quick for you guys to do.