Arrays: Get the position of multiple actors

Hello people,

I’m trying to build a Blueprint to simplify the MultiPosition Emitters usage from AudioKinetic.
The “Set Multiple Positions” node is asking for a Transform Array to fetch the positions.

So, I have a Blueprint actor with two Array variables:

  • Positions (Array, Public, Actor Object Reference)
  • Transform (Array, not public, Transform)

With the Positions array, I can add as much audio positions as I want from the BP in my level.

Now the problem is that I don’t know how to link my Actors Reference array to the Transform array. I tried using the “GetActorTransform”, but it only get a single instance.

Is there a way to “GetActorTransform” from a whole Array?

Thank you!

First off, location is part of transform. So if you’re making an array of transforms, then you can just put the lot in there.

If that’s not what you want, then use GetAllActorsOfClass and store the locations and transforms while you run a foreach loop on that.

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For Each Loop… I was using it completely wrong! Went to see a youtube tutorial about this node to fully understand it and I understood what I got wrong.

Everything is now working great. Thanks again @ClockworkOcean !!