Arrays and save/load data - Need help.

hey guys, I’m having a slight issue trying to get some arrays and save the data that I store in them, please note i’m new to save/load and arrays so this is slightly out of my league, despite watching youtube videos.

in my game when A player dies a widget appears that allows you to place your name in an input textbox and it will display your score next to it. Once the player clicks on a button that says update leaderboard, it should update the leaderboard but it doesn’t. The worst part is I receive no errors so the game thinks it works, I guess. I imagine the issue is with the saving or loading
part of the blueprints.
Any helpful advice would be highly appreciated!


Okay, to explain this blueprint:

  • The player clicks the button
  • The game then checks if the save slot exists, if it does then the branch = true and if it doesn’t the branch = false (Please note that after this true and false do the same thing
  • The image shows the following of if the game slot “LeaderBoard” doesn’t exit. It then creates a game slot
  • It then casts to MySave (where the arrays are stored)
  • It then casts to RotationCharacter (where the score is stored)
  • It then adds the score to the array
  • It then adds the name to the array
  • It then saves the game to slot Leaderboard and finally quits the game
  • None of this throws an error when I run it, weirdly. And the array doesn’t update, either.

This blueprint is where the arrays are stored, This blueprint is based off SaveGame. There is nothing here but the arrays.

Bump, bump.

I fixed it, no need to comment.

What did you do?

Well it looks like he doesn’t set the game object on Save Game.