Array warning without an array

I saw a warning in the log when running PIE:

Warning: Attempted to get an item from array K2Node_MakeArray_Array33 out of bounds [-1/15]!

I started debugging by inserting a log print in the game logic: if my debug print was above the warning I moved it a bit more downstream. Eventually I found the place where it happens but there is nothing there… Here is what I mean by that:

[node]----[node]----[ImportantFunction]----[Print “B”]

The last node of ImportantFunction is a log print “A” right now. And in the log the order of lines is this:

Warning: Attempted to…

So this faulty array access happens after the last node of the function but before the print following the function call… If I unlink the function call then there is no “A” and no warning in the log. There are no latent functions like timelines or timers or anything, just a rather linear node tree.

Uh i wouldn’t say that the error happens between A and B, it could also happen before A and only the log puts it out after the function itself printed.

I you wouldn’t mind, i would like to see pictures of your blueprints (your function). Especially the “MakeArray” node and the point where you use your array, because the warning directly tells you, that you are trying to access an array of length 16 (0-15) on the index -1

What happened was that this class I was focusing on had no MakeArray node at all but what it did have is a child class: that class called the parent’s implementation first (so my debug log prints showed up) then executed some functionality on its own. And that’s where the faulty Make Array is located.