Array sorter in an Editor Utility Widget?

Is there was way to add the array sorter to an editor utility widget? I’d like to be able to re-order some arrays from my own widget.


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You can manually drag array elements here using the dotted icon on the left. Or do you mean like a proper sorter, alphabetical, by date and so on… ?

no, i mean the thing in the first picture (lets call it the array sorter). How do i get the array sorter as a palette option that i can drag onto my designer viewport, so that i can manually sort arrays from an editor utility widget. I did a little photoshop here to illustrate:

I know a little c++ and learned how to expose things to blueprints, but I’m lost on how to expose the array sorter to the widget designer. We have things like the spinbox so I know it’s possible, I just dont know where to begin

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Maybe this is what you are searching for. Lets you display and modify variables.

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