Array replicating None

Do the actors inside the inventory array, have their Replicate property set to true?

When replicating an array of Actor subclasses, the Server correctly builds and adds the Actor, but the Client(s) have None replicated where that Actor should be replicated. When using the OnRep_ function to iterate over all of the synched Actors indeed shows that the array size is updated correctly, but the item at the added index is None on the Client. What gives?

Good sanity check. Yes, they are all marked to Replicate.

I may have found the issue: the Actor subclasses are marked with Only Relevant to Owner. Which makes sense because they are being generated by my GameMode (which does not give them an Owner when spawning them).

SOLVED: The Actors in question were marked with Only Relevant to Owner, which stopped them from being replicated to the Client because their Owner was not set to anything controlled by that Client.

Hmmmmmm they should replicate then, let me run a quick test