Array output directly into single input pin

It is possible to connenct the output pin of an array directly to the input pin of a function that only takes single objects/actors etc.
Is this meant to be possible? And if it is then what exactly does the engine do? Does it delete every actor in the array in the same way as if a “ForEach”-Loop was used?

Thanks in advance for any help!

No. Why should it?

If you want to pass in only one object of the array, you can use a Get node for the array. Or use a ForLoop to call the function for every array element.

And if you need the entire array in the function, you can change the function’s input variable to type array by clicking on the grid symbol next to the object type just as for a normal variable.


If this doesn’t answer your question, what are you trying to do?

That is clear. But it IS possible to do what I described.


So my question is: Is it wanted that you can drag an array into an “single”-actor input node as shown in the picture?

Still thanks for the fast answer.

Yes, not only that you can connect more then one object in to target pin, i discovered that recently too and i actully didn’t know you can do the same with array too. Engine will do for each on it and it actully might be little faster in performence because it might loop it nativly insted of via blueprint VM

Ofcorse this only work on target pin, which is special pin defining on which object function should be called, since function technically belongs to object

I didn’t know that, thanks! Could be useful.

Ok that means one less possible reason for a crash I had recently.
Also even if it isn’t faster in performance it is definitifly faster to programm than with a for each loop.

Thanks alot!