Array of Static Mesh Components in the Construction Script

I have an actor which generates 63 smaller pieces in the construction script, but I can’t put those actors in an array. I use an “add static mesh component” node inside a loop, and the return value goes to an “add” node, but the array is empty after the loop. When I first put it in the construction script it filled up normally, but after editing a different function it doesn’t fill up anymore. The strange thing is that the materials array next to it fills up normally. Is it just not possible to keep references to components created in the construction script?

Thanks in advance for your help.

(btw, i can only choose version 4.23 preview, but when i post this the official realease is already out)

It seems that I have fixed the problem, although I still do not understand why my previous method didn’t work. I used a set array node with the size to fit option to add them to an array. It is weird that I have to do it like that, and I still can’t tell if it’s a bug or something that the developers intended, but here is a screenshot of my solution. The array populates normally and it works as expected.

Thanks for posting your findings. Could you post it again? I’m looking for a similar solution. Much appreciated!