Array of Blueprints Disconnects

I have an array of a custom BP and everytime I relaunch the project the lines related to it are disconnected. I just simply redraw the 3 or 4 lines and recompile and everything works fine but EVERY SINGLE TIME those lines are disconnected. It saves additional changes that I make so its not that I am failing to save. There is no issues with someone in the repo messing with me as this happens with my offline backup as well. Any suggestions as to what might be happening and a way to stop it?

screenshot or it didnt happen.

jk, but a pic of the blueprint might help people see where its going wrong.

have u tested the exact same method in a new blank project? i seem to break stuff all the time and i just try to find if its something im doing inside my custom bp thats breaking it so i start a blank project and setup a super simple version of it in the new project.

cool thing to know, u can easily select stuff in the event graph of one blueprint in one project and copy paste it into another projects blueprint event graph whilst both projects are open, its ridiculously cool.

so because of this i always have a “crapTest” project already made that i just paste stuff in and see if it breaks there also.

benefit of doing it this way is you can find if its a universally reproducible error and report it as a bug.

good luck :slight_smile: