Array losing elements

Here i have a simple setup to see if everything is right.

But it isn´t.
And this is a set up of my array.

Can someone help me? I really don`t get it. :smiley:

Well, lets try one thing: Are you totally sure that your “inclicked” events work? Where you add “aleska” in Tim1 Array, use a print string, just to check if it work.

Other thing that you can try is give manual values to your array and look them and check if your “check code” work too.

Yep throw a breakpoint on your button clicks so that you can make sure they are actually firing off and then you can just check what the actual elements within “Tim1” are at the time too.

Thank you for help guys. I have finally realized what was the problem. It was that simple. I did not set default values of these name variables. I tought it was enough to just give them a names. LOL :smiley: