Array item in SaveFile turns NULL

Hello devs. Sorry for bothering you but I really do not know what is happening right here

Can someone explain to me how it is possible that a variable which is in SaveGame FIle becomes NULL after a certain time? (Time is changing each time I start the game)

Nowhere in the code I have told that I need to remove this variable or set it’s name to NULL. I am just adding the actors to this array, nothing more, nothing less. I am using only ADD to add object to the Actor Array.

The NULL is acting like an actual actor in the array. When I add different actor to that array there is [NULL, ObjectName] Other arrays are working fine in the SaveFile

There is nothing in the video really for the whole 50 seconds or so, you can skip to the end. An idea is I am doing literaly nothing to change the variable and it still goes to NULL

Big thanks to anyone who read this

For someone who will be having the same problems as me in the future

Array item in SaveFile turns NULL in few seconds ← Here should be discussed everything you need to know for this problem.