Array Index Range

As you can see from the picture I’ve attached, I had to manually sort the index range to place items in our hotbar. Is there an easier way to set this up?

Try a ForEachLoop.

Not to sound dumb, but what is a hotbar? Yes, if there is a pattern, use a loop.

Yeah we tried the ForEachLoop (We have one running for the rest of the inventory), but we couldn’t select a specific range for it to cycle through. Our inventory system has 58 spaces and the hotbar slots are reserved for indexes 50-58. What we wanted to happen was that if you picked up an item and you had hotbar slots open, it would place the item there instead of in the main inventory. We couldn’t specify that with a for each loop so we just manually did it instead.

Starseeker - It’s like the real slim bar at the bottom of the screen for Minecraft. Basically a quick selection inventory that stays on the main screen.

Then use a ForLoop with Min and Max indexes for 50-58.