Array function similar to 3DS Max?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has ever built a script or blueprint that would allow a function similar to ‘array’ in 3DS Max. For those unfamiliar, in it’s simplest form this tool can duplicate a mesh in either one, two or three dimensions at a specified quantity and by a specified measurement. Some may think; well, sounds a lot like modularity, and it is, to an extent, but modularity in the sense of importing and dragging around is counterproductive to the workflow of my project. I am recreating a historic structure within inch precision, and so far ‘import via level’ works beautifully. The largest drawback however is even if meshes are instances, it regards them as entirely unique in the content browser, thus filling the browser and memory with meshes that are copies of one another; a nightmare for trying to optimise, especially if those meshes all have materials applied. It would be so much simpler to level import a single mesh to a specified co-ordinate and then say 'i want to duplicate this 10 times on the y-axis at increments of 15ft (or whatever that translates to in Unreal units). For the kind of complex structure that I have, sliding everything into place manually is out of the question. The worst will be when I build the roof that contains over 3000 glazing bars…that’s a lot of room it would take up.

We did find that if you attach all duplicate meshes together but give them all their own material IDs it narrows it down some, but this feels like it could get very messy, very fast. An array function as specified above would save so much time and space in the browser.

Hoping something exists or if anyone knows if it’s on the cards in the future?

Thanks, picture example of array dialogue box below.

Yeah, have done that countless times. Even elaborated versions that construct entire house fassades of a set of appropriate meshes.
Just create a blueprint with an array of a struct that holds all neccesary information needed for spawning and off you go.
If you do a modular approach then instances are the way to go.
There may be no “wizzard” dialogue like in 3D modelling packages, but the BP system has all you need. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response!

That’s interesting. I wouldn’t even know where to start with that. Blueprints and I have a checkered history. My worry is that BPs seem to interact strangely with meshes that have been imported via ‘import into level’. Most recently attempt at making a level-imported door open via key-press did nothing at all and seems to lock the movement of those meshes, same as I can’t hold ‘alt’ and drag a duplicate from the original mesh when they are imported this way. As I understand there are still many kinks the devs need to smooth over with importing via level. That said, if it were in theory to work, would I create a single BP and reference all meshes to be arrayed within the event graph? When it comes to BPs I have little idea of improvising or knowing what does what without thoroughly going through tutorials which is why I asked if something already existed that could be utilised, but if it’s something I need to make from scratch I will definitely try and have a go.