Array Add Blueprint Function fails while Single-Element Make-Array + Append works as expected

Is the Blueprint “Array → Add” function working in mysterious ways for anyone else ?
I was trying to add a single Object to an Array, but after testing that array, it reports having added “None”.

Making a single-element array using “Make Array” and then using the “Array → Append” function ends up working as i would expect though.

Hi rebb,

I have thus far been unable to reproduce this effect. Have you had this issue on a clean project with no additional content? Thank you!

Hello, thanks for looking over this :).

Here’s the smallest test-case blueprint i could make that shows it.
It’s very possible that this is just me being silly and not understanding certain concepts of BPs properly though.

I made this in a newly created BP FirstPerson Project. This is the only “code” inside the BP. I then place the BP into the scene and start in viewport.

If the “Add” path is enabled, it prints out “None”.
If the “Append” path is enabled, it prints out the instance-name of the BP.

Edit : This is not the exact same setup i was using when encountering this, normally the target-object-array is somewhere else, not inside the same BP. The outcome is the same though.

Edit2 : “Stuff” is an Array of Actor Objects, “SelfAdd” is a BP based on Actor.

Hi rebb,

I was able to reproduce this effect and have attached this report along with my findings to a report to be assessed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!