ARPG\3rd person prototype. Yep, another one

Hello, bros. Nightingale here.
I’ve started to learn UE4 a while ago and today i wish to showcase my humble project i was working on, since i learned how to wire 2 nodes :slight_smile:

  • Full blueprints
  • No plugins
  • Around 10 custom made materials including 4 free downloads from internet
  • 1 custom made model and nearly 10 downloaded from the Depth of The Internet
  • no paid content

Game creation

  • Savegame tied to character

Simple options menu with few submenus for controlls, graphics and audio

  • Graphics contains only basic options like resolution and windowed mode
  • Audio menu currently disabled as there is no audio
  • Controlls currently not rebindable tho

Server browser

  • Browse servers for selected platform
  • Direct connect via IP


  • Isometric view with click-to-move
  • Smooth transition to 3rd person camera with WASD movement
  • Hiding camera-blocking environment in isometric (needs some work tho)

Movement and interaction

  • Interaction using mouse or hotkey in both modes
  • Picking up items with mouse or hotkey in both modes
  • Press both mouse buttons to run
  • Move destination mark
  • Numlock toggles autorun


  • Randomly generated items
  • Ability to hardcode items
  • Items will scale to session-average player level
  • Items have level requirement
  • 6 grades of items
  • 5 item preffixes
  • 7 item affixes
  • 3 item specials
  • Currency has own tooltips
  • Picked currency splits among all active game sessions
  • Items has tooltips with item info
  • Item comparsion
  • Stackable\unstackable\autostackable item options
  • worldwide need\greed item roll (multiplayer)
  • Items can be manually set not to be rolled
  • Equip system with math
  • Equipping item applies model (if avaliable) to socket
  • Add new items with just a few clicks
  • Toggle tooltips
  • Tooltips decay over time
  • Item cooldowns


  • Checkpoint system
  • Level streaming including checkpoints worldwide


  • Character info window, inventory, buff bar, actionbar, state bar, health bars, chat, skill window
  • Draggable windows with position save
  • Lockable actionbar
  • Server-wide global chat system and whisper


  • 1 movement buff skill
  • 1 non-target attacking spell with casting system
  • Skills tooltips


  • Multiplayer (max tested - 4)
  • Floating combat text
  • Minimap (prob should rework that tho)
  • Death and respawn handle
  • Save-Load

Testing-purpose-intended "bugs"

  • endless chests
  • not-really-tuned loot randomizer

Spetial thanks to
my testers: Nightheaven and Olbery
guy that wrote music: Andrew Reaver
boss that made awesome free launcher-updater: Jargon (look around the forum for Launchpad if interested to get sweet updater for yourself)

This prototype may be no so cool that nearby, however it’s myne :rolleyes: <3


p.s. feel free to share your opinion or to ask questions etc.

I know this post is quite old, and the video is no longer available, however I am extremely interested in seeing this or having it to tinker with and learn from to make my own Diablo/PoE style project.

If this is at all possible, even if you’re willing to only share a small part, I would be eternally grateful. <3