Around 40 views, no replys?

Yesterday I started a thread on an extremely amateur question I had. I thought that such an easy question must get responded to fairly quickly, maybe within a few hours. When I finally went to sleep I told myself that when id wake up it will definitely be answered, but still no reply.
Is this normal in the forums?
Did I say something wrong in the thread?
Is it just so nooby everyone facepalmed?
In all seriousness, I don’t want to start another thread asking the same question. Is this normal and I should wait longer?
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I get what your saying bro, this happens to me all the time :frowning:

Post a link to your original question … lets see what is what.

Typically you should wait 4 days before bumping a thread. You should also try and avoid posting threads about asking why threads are not being responded to. There are various reasons why responses can take some time … but anyway.

I was one of those who viewed your thread](, but did not answer.
Generally I can say that If a question gets no answers or comments, it is either quite advanced, or very basic, or just undefined. Your case is combination of basic and undefined.

Thread name suggests you are having complications with landscape textures. In the middle of the question, however, you are mentioning grass density. It confuses. What density are you referring to? Then you are concluding your post with a hint to understand shaders better. So what exactly do you need help with?

Additionally forum section selection was probably a bit off. Rendering section seems to be touching more technical details, and your thread would have had a better life in Content Creation. Lastly, doing a search, would provide you enough links to basic tutorials.

From personal experience, UE4 community seems to be very helpful and friendly, but the number of replies you get will be proportional to the effort you put in the question. I hope that brought some clarification as to why sometimes threads like yours do get views, but nobody replies.

i guess the thread you are talking about is:

Is it just so nooby everyone facepalmed?

lol, not the question, but the way your post is writen. overnoobing yourself is… well, no the best to introduce yourself :wink:
I don’t know in someway, UE4 community seems less noob friendly than unity. I agree. aka “RTFM”
(my feeling is that most of the time, what is attended is that you prove that you have tried to solve your problem by yourself first, before coming to ask someone to do it for you)

and yep to me it wasn’t worth mentionning the official doc (you should do it by yourself “RTFM^^” if it’s what you are looking for sorry; and else, if you need more specific, I’m not expert in landscaping and environnement enough to help you):

Your question is too general.

A hint though as far as forums are concerned–there’s a massive amount of learning materials, and there’s over 2 years worth of forum posts here, you can probably do a search and find the information you need much much faster than posting a thread and waiting for someone to reply.

Thank you to everyone, I have updated my thread!

I think your post is long and many things you ask can be find using Google with clever search.

I have just updated it after people said it lacked information…
If you can find any of the help I asked for please link, I have tried searching for all of them

You need to give time on questions, people aren’t paid to respond on here. Also, it’s a really long post and it’s not clear what you are really asking. There are whole college courses on creating materials and it takes talent as well as technical skills. It’s not specific to Unreal, but would be in general to any game engine being used. Posting another thread to get traffic to the original post isn’t a good solution.