Arms + Weapons animation sync problem.

Hi, Im trying to make a weapons system that supports different types of weapons that you can pickup and drop whenever. I tried to do this by making each weapon its own actor and attaching it to the players arm. This works but the my problem appears when I activate bullet time by adjusting the global time dilation. When this is active, the animations on the weapons are really out of sync with the arms. Below is a video showcasing what I mean.](

If the video does not load, please open it in youtube.

Both guns are using the same animation blueprint. The weapon on the left is just a skeletal mesh inside the player character, whereas the gun on the right is a separate actor attached to the player character. As you can see the one on the left is much more responsive.

Is there any way to make the one on the right more responsive?

Thanks in advance.

Really depends on your setup. I assume you are using an interface. By definition that won’t be an instant call…
sort of like a notify. It runs whenever it can so it’s not necessarily at the exact second the animation calls it.

What if the weapons are all the same blueprint that gets instanced into the level with a different mesh set during Begin Play via variables created Manually but exposed so you can make quick changes within the level itself?

the idea is that with only 1 cast you won’t need the interface you can just cast and call the standardized “fire” function…

You were right i was using interfaces but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I tried doing it the way you suggested but the desync is still present unless the skeletal mesh is part of the player character. For some reason it seems that the animationBP NOT attached to my player character runs slower than the animBPs attached to my character. I’ve added another video showing what i mean.

Left gun is how its meant to play. Both guns playing the same animation the only difference is the left one is within the player character and the right is its own actor attached to the player. No interfaces involved in this example, its just seems to be playing at different speeds.


Nevermind i fixed it! This was an old project and i only just noticed that i’d fiddled with the player characters custom time dilation. This was causing the desync. Oops haha. Wish i knew this 48 hours ago. Thanks anyway!

Its generally stuff like that that takes the longest to fix.
are you able to go back to interfaces now?

Yea i’m back to interfaces and everything is synced up nicely. I was using interfaces so i could use a separate parent actor for melee weapons that didn’t inherit the skeletal mesh the guns use.