Arms & Gun's | Static Mesh into Animation

Hello I have this issue from porting a UE3 game into UE4, having arm/guns issues. So I have eight different arms for my characters and over 50 weapons. So it had it setup with the guns already having the bones animate them so it would load the meshes for what every character you where using and add it onto the skeleton. All of the weapons have the skeleton for the arms already working but the only way so far to make it work is to import an arm for a single skeleton which is terrible since all of weapons have unique skeletons. Is there a work around for this maybe in C++? Also a pal said something about “Set master pose component”? Please would appreciate reply thank’s for reading.

Import one skeletal mesh with the skeleton you want to use for all subsequent meshes. Then import the rest of the skeletal meshes. You will be prompted to choose a skeleton. Choose the one you started with. Try this post what problems/errors you’re seeing, if any.

The guns have a skeleton for the base of the arms that fit them all but the skeleton is different for the guns part so you can’t merge them using the same skeleton base for the guns won’t work but I just wan to add the arm meshes onto there skeleton. This is when I try to make one skeleton and add another gun/base skeleton to it.