Arms get crocked after animation retargeting

Hey, i am using Maya LT 2016 and cant use the ART tools, so i am using the “QuickRig” to rig my chars in maya and export them to UE4.

The problem, i cant animate, like at all, so I wanted to use some of the animations already in UE4 to prototype a game and to have fun… BUT ive been hitting my head against the wall the entire day, trying to retarget animations to my chracter. It “kinda” works, but my arms and legs gets alle crocked, ive followed some tutorials and the documentation, but it still wont work, ive might be alittle sloppy when i get frustrated, but here is an image, where am i messing up?

working on same issue … i am pretty sure it is the way the skin is bound between the bones and mesh in Maya