Armor Quality Index

maybe someone might know i’ve tried and asked a few ppl and no one really seems to know if i want a BP for armor to come up on a crafting as Ascendant and only be crafted that way is there a property i need to set?

Here are a few things i already tried i searched the BP for Quality and all i got was this:

And this will make it ascendant but has a chance to still show up as mastercraft or below everytime u load it or craft a new crafting station as well as it adds a new stat call Effectiveness to the armor

i did find the node for Item Quality Index in the graph here:

which armor BPs dont have begin play events to fire off this when the game stats or u load in
i can make it to where when u drag in into the armor slot it turns it ascendant…

so im stumped if anyone knows a way to do it i would really appericate it in advance thanks!

ok i figured it ok just incase anyone else needs to know this is what i did i implemented the function BPCan Use:

and i set the Item Quality Index to 5

then i went in the BP properties and filter BPCan Use and made sure it was checked

now it shows up as Ascendant BP in a inventory every time


I tried this with the fishing pole and it is not working. I only hey primitive. Any ideas?

Any ideas on how to get this working for weapons? BPUse works for the quality but makes them unable to be equipped. Ive been trying some “BPget” functions and theyll show up as primitive until i mouseover them. Also when i put the item into a crafting station it will show up as primitive until i mouseover it again.

You need to tick the return value box on the return node to be able to equip it

Omg the one thing i didnt try. Thanks!