Armor pieces clipping into the characters body when moving?

I skinned the armor pieces to the bones they are next to for example the arms and legs but when the character moves, the armor pieces dont exactly follow and go inside the body. How can I get proper rotations and movement that match the body so they stay fitted on top?

Should I use sockets and give the armor pieces their own bones then use blueprints to parent the 2 sockets together? Or would the rotations still be off with that method?

Skin the armor to your characters mesh in whatever 3d program you are using → Export it from there then import your armor skeletal mesh to ue4 → Attach armor Skeletal Mesh to root on your character → Set Master Pose Component for your armor / character.

If you are still clipping your character adjust your bone weights in your armor in whatever 3d program you are using till you get it just right.