Armadillo C++ linear algebra library in Blueprint plugin

Has anyone successfully added [Armadillo][1] to an Unreal Project?

After importing the libraries in *.Build.cs, declaring and multiplying Armadillo matrices works fine. However, more advanced matrix operations, like taking the pseudoinverse of a matrix, crashes Blueprint. The error looks like this:

[Here is a link to the text of the error][3]. I have tried the same code in an equivalent Visual Studio project, outside of Unreal, and the code works. Thus, this may be an Unreal-specific compiler option or build system issue.

mat test;
test.eye(5, 5);
mat T = arma::pinv(test);  // THIS IS THE LINE THAT CAUSES UNREAL TO CRASH

Here is the [BodyPredictor_TransformKinectCoordinates function][4] that causes the code to crash. Here is the [whole file][5] with the includes at the top. Here is a picture of the [blueprint node][6].

Has anyone successfully configured Armadillo for Unreal?

Visual Studio 2015

Could you share the internals of UBodyPredictorBPFunctionLibrary::BodyPredictor_TransformKinectCoordinates(), and indicate which line it is crashing on there?

Added to to the question above.