arm7 and arm64 apk on playstore.

I have tried almost everything to make a arm7 and arm64 version of upload work but i am getting different errors all the time.
Has anyone yet managed to upload a arm7 and arm64 version of application. The problem is arm64 supports around 3000 devices while the arm7 supports around 10000 devices so i am losing close to 7k device supports due to non support of arm7.

I am not sure if its unreal’s fault or google’s fault but no matter what combination of version number, apk or appbundle I upload and got different errors all the time.

I tried uploading arm64 and arm7 apk’s in different order and got different errors. Here is an example.

The arm64 apk gets shadowed by arm7 apk and it doesn’t detect it, and arm7 apk doesn’t have arm64 support so its not detected by it.

This doesn’t work either.

Has any one managed to upload arm7 and arm64 apks to playstore?

In project settings/android, set store version to 1, check armv7 only, package in developer, shipping ETC1.
Then set store version to 2, check arm64 only, package it too.

First upload the armv7, then the arm64 to the store.

Arm64 version always must be higher store version than the armv7

I see what the issue has been my side… I have been using Android Multi format till now to package. That doesn’t work on gogole play… The ETC1 works.
I have been banging my head for this for last 2 weeks.