Arm twist issue after import from CC3

Hi , i have this arm twist issue after importing a character assigned to the default UE4 mannequin , from Character creator 3 . I think it may be this particular anim bp that i am putting this mesh on.As at first when he comes in , it is not there and if i use the usual default TP idle animation asset , it does not seem to be there. I tried "use T0 as reference pose and import morph targets " and others. I guess my question is if there is a way to straighten this out after he is imported and meshed to the anim bp. I tried manually moving him in the animation itself , but it does not seem to translate in the editor. thanks for any help.

Its probably an animation problem.

The right answer is use better animations

What you’ll probably do instead is change your skeleton retarget settings for all bones except root and IK to Skeleton.
Mimic the settings on the unreal mannequin.
usually thats enough to fix it.

There is no substitute for better animations. You’ll have issues with IK and other things when attempting to hook up several meshes at different scales with any modicum of precision (for gun grips and what not).