ARM Linux - Raspberry Pi: Unable to dynamically load libGL: GLX is not supported


I would like to share my experience with attempting (and failing) to run one of the templates on the Pi 2. Note that I set up the cross toolchain for ARM for those wondering, built from source, and packaged the third person template (at as low settings as I could get it) for Linux. When popping it into the Pi, I ran via the terminal (for debug reasons) and came across an error: “Unable to dynamically load libGL: GLX is not supported.” and it went through crash log stuff and ended after that.

If anyone has an answer to why this is, I would like to know.

P.S. I just wanted to try and see if it works. :slight_smile:

At the moment, you can only run a dedicated server on Raspberry Pi (or in general on platforms that don’t support desktop GL).

Thank you for clarification. A darn shame that I couldn’t get it to run.

steeples fingers “Soon” (maybe).

New experimental driver runs OpenGL gears in X11.

Is it possible to convince UE4 to use the OpenGL ES render it uses on android, but build for ARM linux?